I have always been a maker, a doodler, a creative thinker.

My best friend and I spent hours hand lettering in our diary/notebooks when we were kids. I used to spend my pocket money on Letraset sheets from the village shop and copy the type from album art or illuminate my own bubble letters with pictures of our imaginary world.

I loved my degree in Graphic Design. The internet was only just becoming mainstream when I graduated and opportunities for jobs for Graphic Designers in my wonderful home of Cumbria were few and far between.

I decided to stay.

I have followed all kinds of creative paths since then...I've loved knitting, sewing, baking, making cards, gardening...but I've always come back to beautiful lettering.

Back in 2016, a friend was getting married and as I had 'neat writing' I was asked to make place cards and a table plan. I threw myself into it and began to teach myself modern calligraphy. The day before the wedding, when Emma (the venue stylist) saw me setting the table plan up she asked me who had done it. When I replied it was my work, she asked if I'd like to do some more...

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