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Content repurposing ideas for small businesses

Updated: 6 days ago

3 content repurposing ideas to help you share your marketing messages

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Content repurposing is a fabulous way to take something you've written or said, refine it and share it to reach a wider audience. It helps you put your marketing messages in front of potential customers who are using different platforms or consuming content in different ways.

Here are three quick and easy ways to repurpose your content. They won't take long and will help spread your message further.

Tip #1 - Reshare an old post

When I first heard this one, a couple of thoughts flashed into my brain - 'it feels like cheating' and 'people will remember the post from the last time I posted it'.

Now let's clear that first one up straight away - there's no such thing as 'cheating' in your content unless you've copied someone else's work and are passing it off as your own. As long as your content was written by you, there's no need to feel like a cheat for reusing it.

And on the subject of people remembering a social media post from last time...unless you're resharing something from last week, I'd bet it's highly unlikely. How many posts do you think your average follower sees in a week? How many of those posts do you think they'll remember?

Think of each of your social media posts as a bag for life...if they're strong and do their job, it's ok to reuse them.


Take a look at your posts from the past 6-12 months. Find the ones that have done well on the metric that you're looking for - perhaps that's reach or click-through rates - then share them again. You could perhaps tweak the wording, update the photo or change some of the hashtags just to freshen it up a little. If you do, look back in a few weeks and see whether the post did as well this time around.

Tip #2 - Blog repurposing into social media posts

Do you write a blog?

If you do, does the content get used anywhere else?

If not, you have content sitting in your blog, begging to be repurposed.

Taking some lines straight from your blog and making them into a social media caption is a quick and easy way to create something new. I often find the introduction to a blog can be a great social media post and the call to action for the post is simple - 'To find out more, read the blog'.


Go to your latest blog, copy the introduction and tweak the wording into a social media post. Add a CTA to the post inviting people to read the blog to find out more. Add a clickable link to the blog if the platform allows.

Tip #3 - Repurpose blogs and social media posts into videos

So, video. You knew this was coming, didn't you? Don't stop reading though...I'm going to share a pretty painless way of adding video to your content repertoire without having to dance and point...

If you use Instagram, you can create a reel using video that relates to your product, service or brand. If you chat a lot about drinking tea, the video could be of your brew, gently steaming away.

If you're happy to have your voice on camera, dictate one of your social posts or an excerpt from your blog onto the reel using the voiceover feature then add readable captions to the reel. If you download the reel at this point, before you schedule or publish it, you can share the copy to Pinterest, LinkedIn and as a short on YouTube.

All of a sudden, that bit of writing is a video that you can repurpose in lots of different places.


Do that ⬆

Repurposing content to get your message across

Successful marketing relies on you repeating your messages to make sure your audience understands what you do and how they can buy from you - so don't be afraid to repeat yourself! Content repurposing is a quick and easy way to get more mileage from posts, blogs, audio and videos you've already created. Try adding it to your content creation plans and see what a time-saver it can be.

If you have any questions about content repurposing, I'd love to chat about them. Please leave me a comment or message me on IG. I'd love to chat!

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